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Mission Statement

Following ethical and moral guidelines, Coach Z is dedicated to football development.  The mission of is to provide information along with connections to staff and programs to meet your football needs.  Assisting leagues, organizations, coaches and players is the goal.  I hope this site creates an atmosphere that will add determination for development and success to all involved within this great sport.  To request Coach Z's services for your organization or player evaluation use the contact page.

'Z' History

Achieving a degree in Psychological Foundations of Sport I've been involved as a player, coach and scout within pro football since 1994.   As a defensive back/special teams player that began in semi-pro and given a professional opportunity in Dallas, then to the AFL Portland Forest Dragons,  NJ Red Dogs, the XFL's NY/NJ Hitmen and later NY Dragons, I felt the need to play (retired at 40) to understand the competition and emotions of football.  The on-field (non-textbook) learning has been instrumental to becoming a successful coach, scout and consultant.  Experiences cover team, player and league building.  Although I do promote playing for the 'love of the game' I also understand this is an entertainment business.  Learning from great minds involved within several aspects of football has been and will continue to be a privilege.

Designing, endorsing and coaching professional evaluation camps for players within pro teams along with pro/semi-pro players looking to improve skills and return to or play pro football is a specialty.  Evaluations entail both mental and physical training.

My stance for a team or leagues success goes beyond playbook implementation and ventures into development of the framework for long-term accomplishments.


As a former player, experienced coach, scout and understanding the importance of special teams there is a built trust over the years working with professional organizations.  It's always a blessing to learn from some of the best (and not the best) to continue on the journey of football knowledge.  A long time member of the AFCA, certified with the ASEP and involved with the EAFCA. 

My all-time favorite NFL player is Reggie White who was not only a game changing/impact player but is quoted as saying, "I want people to see me as a man of God.  I want my kids to see me as a man of God.  In fact, I want the fact that I am a man of God to be so overpowering that they will forget that I even played football."
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