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Playbooks, drills, forms and micellaneous information to download or print.


Special Teams


1966 Green Bay Packers SB1 (PDF) 1980's Florida State (PDF) 1986 Indianapolis Colts 3-4 (PDF)
1968 Dallas Cowboys (PDF) 1999 Cincinnati Bengals Special Teams (PDF) 1987 Chicago Bears(PDF)
1969 Washington Redskins Pass Offense
(Vince Lombardi) (PDF)
1999 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (PDF) 1993 Philadelphia Eagles 4-6 Defense
(Buddy Ryan) (PDF)
1994 San Francisco 49'ers (PDF) 2004 St Louis Rams (PDF) 1997 Carolina Panthers 3-4 (PDF)
1998 Okland Raiders  (PDF) Basic Special Teams (PDF) 1997 San Diego Chargers (PDF)
2001 NFC Pro Bowl (PDF) Extra Point Chart 2000 Indianapolis Colts (PDF)
2002 Tennessee Vols Pro I (PDF) Miami (college) Playbook (PDF) 2001 LSU 4-3 Defense (PDF)
2004 New England Patriots Basics (PDF) Military Style Special Teams (PDF) 2003 Atlanta Falcons (PDF)
2004 Pittsburgh Steelers (PDF) Special Teams Scouting Form 2003 Green Bay Packers(PDF)
2004 University of Utah (PDF) 3-3-5 Oregon State Blitz (PDF)
2005 Carolina Panthers (PDF)   3-4 College Defense and Drills (PDF)
2005 New Orleans Saints (PDF) Indoor Football 4-3 D-line Coaching Points
2005 West Virginia Spread (PDF) 2011 Erie Explosion (PDF) 4-4 Defense (PDF)
Installing the Option (PDF) 5-0 UCLA Defense (PDF)
Kansas City Chiefs (PDF) 5-3 Defense (PDF)
Offensive Formation Diagrams Defensive Evaluation Sheet
Offensive Line Recognition Calls DL Technique Numbering
University of Oregon Multiple Set (PDF)
West Coast Offense (PDF)
Wing-T Offense (PDF)