Write it Down

If you want to be the best player, coach or team possible you have to set goals.  It’s an indispensable part of obtaining success.  We’ve all read or heard this at some point in our past.  But we still search for and read articles hoping to find magic words to help.  OK, here’s your magic words: Write your goals down.

All information on goal setting says it over and over.  But only 2% of people actually write their goals down.  So here it is again … write your goals down.  If they’re not written down, they're just dreams.

I have nothing against dreams.  But I doubt you’re here to dream.  If you’re not going to write your goals down save yourself some time and stop reading.

Writing goals down on paper frees up room in your head to think of ways to accomplish these goals and then you’ll write those down to free up even more room. This stimulates creativity and the result is a really good idea with a concrete plan of action that can easily be implemented.

So how do you get started in writing your goals?  Don’t think of it as a paragraph or story like writing an article.  Instead write your goal in the form of a clear question.


· (player) How can I make a football teams starting roster?

· (coach) What can I do to improve communication with my players?

· (team) How can we help each other to become better?

Now write a list of answers to your goal.


· (player) Train sport specific for my position.

· (coach) Write a positive message on a board for the team to see before each practice/meeting.

· (team) Introduce yourself to other teammates that are not involved within your defense, offense or special teams.

You’ll find that by doing this, you’ll be more motivated to take action in accomplishing your goals, because they’re not stuck in your head.

Now that you’ve read this what are you going to do?

Write down your goals!

Yours in football,
Coach Z


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